The Celebrate Life Festival 2019  spans a wide range of exciting elements of the home experience, in three modules:

Module 1

Home in ME

26 Juli – 29 Juli 2019

Do I feel at home in myself? What is my basic feeling of security and belonging like? Have I developed a healthy core from which I can come into contact with the world? Are my family and ancestors a positive resource for me?

In the first module, we explore our basic programming, which was developed in the early childhood bonding process. If there have been traumatic experiences in this sensitive phase, it is difficult to deeply root ourselves and to rest in ourselves. Then we often experience ourselves distanced – from ourselves, our body, other people and our environment. Traumas that are passed on over generations can also cause symptoms such as fear of attachment, feelings such as loneliness or alienation, dependencies and diseases, without us being aware of the cause.

We explore how we can take our place in life more confidently and which early bonding experiences have shaped our sense of belonging. It is easier for us to recognize what our family imprints have to do with our current understanding of family and attachment and how we can thereby recreate the imprint of home in all areas of our lives, e.g. at work, with friends and in social commitment.

Module 2

Home in the World

30 Juli – 1 August 2019

Do I feel at home in my home country? How do I refer to Germany after the experiences in the 3rd Reich, in the war, in a divided Germany? How does the east-west division in Germany and Europe continue to have an effect today? How can I be at home in a world that is changing rapidly as a result of the climate crisis and technology? And how can I, as a local citizen, develop a global consciousness?

In the second module, we get involved in a global context and span the arc from the home country to the home planet: The transformation of the world confronts us with collective trauma on many different levels. Why is society changing so slowly in the face of climate change? Is the ecological crisis a relationship crisis because we distance ourselves and do not relate to the earth? And how does technology change our homeland? Does digitalization promote a disembodiment in us and lead to less contact with our feelings? What shadow issues make technology dangerous?

We explore how we can use traumatization for a collective learning process and thus create more resilience. There are two workshops on the history of Germany, including an East-West dialogue on unconscious dynamics from the times of divided Germany and Europe. With guided large group processes, small group work and voice dialogues, we learn to reflect on how opportunities can arise from injuries and how new fields of consciousness can develop.

Module 3



2 August – 4 August 2019

Can I leave the map behind me and settle in presence? Do I have access to the mystical space in which my life takes place? In this inner connection, do I lead an inspired life that is creative and innovative? And do I have people in my environment with whom I can practice and strengthen a contemporary spiritual practice in my everyday life?

In the third and final module, we experiment with ways of living a life that is becoming more and more essential, that springs more and more from the original creativity of the universe. Deep in the heart, every person has access to the original presence of God. Those who experience that new, innovative ideas come from meditating, and change their own lives, will perhaps say that the divine has a real effect on our lives and is not just a concept or an idea of God. In this divine space lie the potential updates to our development that we so desperately need for the great process of change in the world. However, we have to update and bring them to Earth ourselves.

Through meditations, exchanges, talks and introspection, we explore access to innovation and inspiration, home in ignorance, divine efficacy and whether God’s blessing is in principle simply a shot at the future.

We experience that there is not only a supportive spiritual Sangha at the festival with which one can share intensive meditation experiences and deep self-experiences, but also an active community that wants to work creatively in cultures of the world and let its visions become reality.