Sharing the Presence e.V. shall be liable for damages vis-à-vis participations in the Celebrate Life Festival under the legal regulations only in accordance with the provisions below. Sharing the Presence e.V. shall be liable, for any legal reason whatsoever, for damage from the violation of life, body or health as well as for damage based on wilful intent or gross negligence by Sharing the Presence e.V. or its legal representatives or auxiliary agents, as well as for damage caused by non-compliance with a guarantee provided by Sharing the Presence e.V. or on account of maliciously concealed defects. Subject to being limited to compensation for any damage that has been foreseeable upon conclusion of and is typical for the agreement, Sharing the Presence e.V. shall be liable for any damage that is based on a slightly negligent violation of essential contractual obligations by it or its legal representatives or auxiliary agents. Essential contractual obligations shall be any obligations whose fulfilment is essential for ensuring due and proper implementation of the agreement in the first place and on compliance with which the contracting partner may regularly rely. Other damages claims of the participant shall be excluded. The regulations of the German Product Liability Act shall remain unaffected. The limitations of the provisions above shall also apply for the benefit of the legal representatives and auxiliary agents of Sharing the Presence e.V. if claims are asserted directly against it. This shall apply as well and, in particular, equally to seminar facilitators, organisers and representatives of Sharing the Presence e.V.

Notification Duties of the Participant
This is to notify the participant that the issues discussed and the processes dealt with shall not be intended to diagnose and treat any medical and mental illness. Given a reasonable indication, the participants and users shall be appealed to assume personal responsibility for consulting a qualified and adequately trained medical practitioner, non-medical practitioner or health care professional.

The participants and users undertake to notify the organiser prior to the start of the seminar whether he/she is under mental health or psychiatric treatment and/or on psychotropic drugs (medication).

General Liability for Objects
Objects carried or brought along by the participants and users shall be at their own risk; the limitation of liability referred to above shall apply, in particular, to loss, destruction or damage.

The participants shall herewith agree that Sharing the Presence e.V. may make and store, disseminate and communicate and make available to the public visual and sound recordings on the Celebrate Life Festival in Wardenburg during the period from 26/07/2019 to 04/08/2019, which may also include visual and sound recordings of the participants, without any limitation in terms of time, space and content, to ensure broadcasting and retrieval of the visual and sound recordings of the festival on the Internet, simultaneously (live stream) or for later retrieval (video on demand) and for storage (download).