The Celebrate Life Festival arose out of an impulse from spiritual practice, and it is made possible through the commitment of many volunteers. It is nourished by the deep need to “give back”, and by an authentic assumption of responsibility that goes beyond our personal issues and expands into a global care. Participating in the realization of the Festival is an important matter of the heart on the spiritual journey of all those involved.

This year, all donated funds will support the Pocket Project:

The Pocket Project was founded in 2016, to care for one unique client: humanity as a whole. The project’s mission is to halt the vicious cycle of recurring collective trauma, ultimately integrating and reducing the impact of this upon our global culture.

The Pocket Project for Collective and Intergenerational Trauma Integration is a visionary initiative, created through we-space, where conscious collaborators come together to integrate the immense scarring that collective trauma has inflicted on our cultures.

The project further provides an open-source online resource: an informational platform showcasing the latest research, practices and insights from many pocket-groups worldwide. Our mission is also to create ‘pockets’ of crowd-sourced and volunteer-supported online and real-time spaces. These will be enriched with research and support – accessible to locations all over the world to assist in dealing with specific aspects of collective and regional trauma.

The Pocket Project is building cultures of prevention, training and support – in groups worldwide. We are developing tools and competencies that combine modern mysticism with the latest in scientific and psychological research.

Find out more about the Pocket Project and donate directly to the project:


Another way to support the Pocket Project is to donate mobile phones, tablets and laptops that we urgently need to equip our sites. If you want to get involved here, visit the Pocket Project website here.

Can I help in other ways?

Yes! Please visit our page about helping.