Transparency about our finances are extremely important to us. The Celebrate Life Festival is a non-profit event. Thomas Huebl, speakers, artists and volunteers do not get paid. Our main expenses cover stage tech and management, cost offset for the core organization team and expense reimbursements. The festival arose out of an impulse from spiritual practice, and it is made possible through the commitment of many volunteers. It is nourished by the deep need to “give back”, and by an authentic assumption of responsibility that goes beyond our personal issues and expands into a global care. Participating in the realization of the Festival is an important matter of the heart on the spiritual journey of all those involved. This year, all surplus and all donated funds will support the Pocket Project.

The organizational expenses of the 2017 Festival in Germany

  • Technology light/sound: 42.000 €
  • Marketing: 25.000 €
  • Expense allowance core team: 17.000 €
  • Live stream : 13.000 €
  • Accommodation/Catering Team: 11.000 €
  • Compensation for expenses speakers/artists: 7.000 €
  • Web: 5.000 €
  • Rent: 3.500 €
  • Insurance/legal advice: 2.500 €
  • Other: 2.500 €
  • Translation: 1.500 €


We gave these Donations in 2017


The Celebrate Life Festival 2019 is realized by many small and large donations. Thank you to all who contributed.