History of the Festival

The Celebrate Life Festival began in Germany in 2004, and has since grown to become one of the largest consciousness events throughout Europe. Founded by spiritual teacher and modern mystic Thomas Hübl, this annual festival is renowned for its inspiring and healing atmosphere. Every year, thousands of creative thinkers and innovators from around the globe come together to participate in personal spiritual practice, create a strong sense of group coherence, and incubate new ways of forming our cultural fabric.

International experts, speakers, and artists across multiple disciplines have taken the stage to contribute their work at Celebrate Life. Guest speakers for past events include Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Michael Laitman, Gerald Hüther, Ken Wilber, Scilla Elworthy, Jean Houston, Tami Simon, Peter Levine, and William Ury. Through experiential workshops and facilitator-led practices, Celebrate Life fosters a nurturing and enriching environment for a deeper sense of connection with the inner and outer world.

The Celebrate Life Festival arose from an impulse to utilize spiritual practice as means of initiating a cultural shift towards restoration and global health.

Nourished by a strong desire to give back to the greater community and an authentic assumption of responsibility for global care, this Festival is dedicated to creating new frameworks for social and cultural connection. Donations raised by the Celebrate Life Festival will support the Pocket Project.

You can learn more about this invaluable program here.

About Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl is a visionary teacher, innovator, and founder of the Academy of Inner Science, which promotes the study of the principles of mysticism and human inner development. Originally a student of medicine and the physical sciences, Thomas took a radical departure into the exploration of mysticism, including a four-year deep meditation retreat. For the past 15 years Thomas has dedicated himself to the systematic exploration of mysticism, gaining insights into how mystical knowledge can help fill in the gaps in science. These explorations form the foundation of his pioneering Academy of Inner Science, a unique institution utilizing a distinctive approach to exploring consciousness, evolution, and the junctures between mysticism and science.

Having worked with tens of thousands of people worldwide in his workshops, retreats, and multi-year study programs, Thomas’s methods include meditative practices, the development of somatic and subtle awareness, and conscious cultural engagement for societal healing. A charismatic and compassionate teacher, Thomas draws students from wide-ranging backgrounds including the physical sciences, social sciences, medicine, law, anthropology, and art, as well as those with backgrounds in mysticism and self-development.

Thomas has also collaborated with luminaries in related fields, including philosopher Ken Wilber, three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Scilla Elworthy, psychosomatic medicine specialist Edda Gottschaldt, alternative medicine practitioner Stephan Hausner, systemic constellations therapist Tiiu Boltzmann, law professor Stephan Breidenbach, and top mediator William Ury.

Since 2004, Thomas has maintained an active schedule of speaking, teaching, and training both students and professionals. He lives in Tel Aviv and Berlin with his wife, the Israeli artist Yehudit Sasportas, and their daughter.

For more information about Thomas Hübl, visit thomashuebl.com.

About Omega Institute

We are excited to be partnering with the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies for the first Celebrate Life Festival in the United States!

Omega Institute is a nonprofit, mission-driven, educational organization. Founded in 1977 by Eastern scholar Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, holistic medical doctor Stephan Rechtschaffen, and educator Elizabeth Lesser, Omega was conceived as a university for lifelong learning. For more than 40 years it has been a gathering place for great thinkers, creatives, spiritual teachers, and social visionaries. Today the Institute welcomes close to 23,000 people annually, and reaches nearly 2 million people around the globe on their website and social media platforms. Omega has become one of the largest and most trusted centers for lifelong learning in the world, offering an integrated approach to personal growth and social change, and connecting with innovators around the globe.

Omega Institute is located 90 miles from New York City. Multiple types of accommodations are available, with access to a daily menu of organic, sustainable, whole-food meals included.

About The Pocket Project

The Pocket Project is achieving its mission to assist with the collective integration of trauma, offering humanity much-needed healing at a critical time. The Project explores the depth of the “lake” of collective trauma in which we all exist without realizing it. When symptoms constantly arise, and yet go unrecognized as trauma symptoms, they will continue to reoccur. The Pocket Project builds cultures of prevention; trains and supports groups worldwide; offers tools for developing competencies; and combines the latest in psychological research in order to create a flexible web of care across cultures. Proceeds from this year’s Celebrate Life Festival will go to support the work of The Pocket Project.