July 28 to August 6, 2017
Hof Oberlethe, Northern Germany

The 14th festival invites you to engage with the topic of collective trauma in a more connected way, inform yourself about how trauma is dealt with today and together develop the competency to act when dealing with trauma.

The co-organizer of this year’s Festival is the Pocket Project for collective and intergenerational trauma integration.

Trauma is a topic that concerns us all. Why?

Trauma has many faces, and it is part of our everyday lives: emotional numbness, anxiety, confusion, exhaustion, hyperactivity, withdrawal, attributing blame, escalation, xenophobia, regression, war … trauma contributes to how our private and professional relationships are shaped, has strong effects in our culture and influences current world events.

The donations from the Celebrate Life Festival 2017 will go toward the further development of the Pocket Project.

General information regarding the festival:

Anna Maria Wojtyga
T: +49 4407 3148913
E: welcome@celebrate-life.info
For more information visit the website 2016:

Module 1

July 28 to July 31

Trauma in one’s relationship with oneself and in interpersonal relationships

Module 2

August 1 to August 3

Collective trauma – Trauma in our culture

Module 3

August 4 to August 6

Overcoming trauma in connection with the transpersonal dimension

in collaboration with