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General questions about the festival:

Anna Maria Wojtyga
T: +49 4407 3148913
E: welcome@celebrate-life.info

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the sequence for registering for the festival?

For the Celebrate Life Festival 2017, each participant needs a festival ticket for the duration of his / her stay and register with the venue Hof Oberlethe. The festival ticket can be purchased for one module, for several modules or for the entire time of the festival. Please register for the festival tickets with the online registration.

It is necessary that all participants (guests, who wish to stay overnight at Hof Oberlethe as well as guests with external accommodation) register at Hof Oberlethe before the festival.

Registration and further information at Hof Oberlethe (Mo-Fr 10 am to 12.30 pm):

Hof Oberlethe
Wardenburger Straße 24
26203 Wardenburg
T: +49 4407 6840
E: info@hof-oberlethe.de
W: www.hof-oberlethe.de

Payment for Hof Oberlethe is made on location upon arrival.

2. What are the arrival/check-in times?

This year, the festival consists of 3 modules. Since we wish to engage fully with each topic, individual days cannot be booked. Some of the evening events (dance events and concerts) are an exception and can be booked independently.

Please note, that the evening events are also alcohol- and drug-free events.

3. How much are the festival tickets (without accommodation and food)?

These are the early-bird ticket prices until June 26th for the festival organization – without accommodation and food. From June 28th forward, prices will be 10% above the ones listed here.

4. What does the income from the festival tickets get used for? How can I contribute to the giving back idea of the festival?

The festival contributions that are received are used to cover the entire costs for organizing the Festival. Should there be a surplus after all the costs are deducted, it will be partly put aside to pre-finance next year’s Celebrate Life Festival, just as this year’s Festival was pre-financed with the surplus from last year. Any further surplus will be made available to non-profit projects. This year they will be used for the Pocket Project.

5. Can I cater for myself during the Festival?

In principle, it is possible to provide your own food. However, the per diem fee of € 40 per person for Hof Oberlethe, which covers food (3 meals) and the use of the entire festival grounds must be paid in all cases.

6. Is it necessary to register for childcare?

We provide free child care every day for children from 3 years and up (children ready to go to kindergarten), in the morning from 10 am to 1.30 pm and in the afternoon from 6 pm to 7.15 pm. Donations are gladly accepted and will be handed over in their entirety to the charity projects.

Important: In order for us to estimate the size of the group, we would prefer if you would register online by July 15.

Information and registration: welcome@transparents.net

7. Can I come with babies?

For parents with small children, who cannot be present/remain at the events in the main hall, an open barn space has been set up directly next to the hall. Liveaudio transmission makes it possible to listen to the events. The children can play there or rest in the shade.

This year ‘Transparents’ will also provide a room for play and encounters for the parents of the youngest ones (0 to 3 years old).

8. Is there a special program for young people?

There is a youth camp with two tents during the entire festival. There is a special program for young people between the ages of approx. 8 and 13 and another group for those between the ages of 14 and 20 (the actual assessment takes place on location together with the child care workers). For both groups there are many activities and times to meet in their respective grouptents.

9. How do I picture a festival of this size?

A well-developed infrastructure ensures a smooth flow during meals and also guarantees that there are sufficient sanitary facilities. The warm food that is served – especially at lunch time – is all organic and, to the extent possible, from local farmers.

10. What is the festival language and is there live translation?

Most events will be held in German, with simultaneous translation (or vice versa). Please bring a FM radio receiver with headphones (integrated into most mp3 players, ipods and cell phones – not Apple cell phones). Please bring a sufficient supply of batteries!