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On the beautiful, spacious grounds of Hof Oberlethe in Oldenburg (Lower Saxony) you can settle inside yourself, switch off and relax.

20140726_clf_090-der platzThe place is ideal for large retreats. In 2016, the Celebrate Life Festival will be held here for the 11th time. Correspondingly, the seminar house has grown and has been substantially expanded based on the special needs of this festival. In the house and on the large outdoor area with a lake, there is space for groups of up to 1000 people in rooms of various categories, in dormitories, as well as in tents and campers.

The price for accommodation and meals at Hof Oberlethe varies between € 45 and € 88 (depending whether in a tent, dormitory or room). This includes full vegetarian board. The price for children/youths is reduced, and children under the age of 4 are free of charge.

There is also the possibility to rent caravans with 2 or four beds at the lakeside . Find friends and book a caravan together. Prices range from € 350 to € 450 for a complete caravan.

Info and Rental | +49 441 2050380 |

Important information for all participants who do not stay overnight at Hof Oberlethe:

(download external accommodations here

Without exception, all participants of the Festival Summer Camp pay a conference and full-board flat rate of € 39 per day per person to Hof Oberlethe. There are reduced rates for children and youths.

We therefore recommend that you book rooms outside without breakfast – all meals are included in the flat rate in Oberlethe for all participants.

The kitchen is set up for large-scale events and conjures up vegetarian delicacies three times a day. Tea and coffee are available during the entire day and are included in the price. To the extent possible, the ingredients used are from certified organic farms (e.g. fruit, vegetables, bread, yoghurt, cakes, sorghum, muesli, rice, lentils).

Booking board and lodging:

It is necessary that ALL participants (guests on the property as well as guests with external lodging) register with the Celebrate Life Festival before the beginning of the Festival by phone, mail, or on the registration website registration form of Hof Oberlethe.

Hof Oberlethe
Wardenburger Straße 24
T: +49 (0)4407 6840

Attention: Festival tickets for local participation and arrival times here. Information and registration for livestream and media library here.

With all donations, that are generated during the Celebrate Life Festival 2016,  we will support SyrienHilfe.V. and ReDI SCHOOL OF DIGITAL INTEGRATION. The goal is to achieve as high a donated amount as possible. It is possible to donate from now until August 31, 2016!

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Board and lodgings for all participants:
(guests staying on the festival ground, guests staying outside of the festival ground)

Hof Oberlethe
Wardenburger Straße 24
26203 Wardenburg
T: +49 4407 6840
T: +49 4407 6880

General Information regarding the festival:
Uschi Rapp
T: +49 4407 3148913

Attention: Tickets for the festival attendance have be booked separately. Please follow this link.


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The Festival comes alive and lives through you!

We greatly appreciate all those who wish to support us as volunteers for hours at a time during the Festival.

We are looking for support in the following areas:

Running Translation (English-German, German-English)
Pavithra Novak ·

Mob.: +49 (0) 1637697332

Care of the large hall or other assistance
Gerfried Hörbelt ·
Mob.: +49 (0)173 5450007

Mantling and Dismantling
Frank Behrens ·

Support for Team Hof Oberlethe

Please contact those responsible directly.

Thank you! 


Travel & Ride

Ride sharing:
If you would like to offer a ride, you have the opportunity to do it here.

Travel by train and bus:
German Railways:

Destination Oldenburg (Oldb) HBF, main station (Oldenburg, Lower Saxony). At the main station take a bus or a taxi.

Bus: Service 280 of the company “Weser-Ems-Bus GmbH”. Get off at bus stop: “Am Brink”. Information on schedule via phone: 01805 -19 449 (or via mobile/phone from abroad: +49 441 925 925) or via internet at

Taxi from the main station: Special fare arranged with cab company Sterntaxi, Oldenburg from main station to Hof Oberlethe for 20 Euro:
Tel.: +49-441-55555

Travel by car:
Highway BAB 29 (Osnabrück-Oldenburg), exit Wardenburg. In Wardenburg turn towards Oberlethe/Friesoythe. After about 1.7 km (just under a mile) you find the seminar center to your right


Highway BAB 28 (Bremen – Oldenburg), at junction Oldenburg-Ost take BAB 29 towards Osnabrück. Exit Wardenburg. In Wardenburg turn towards Oberlethe/Friesoythe. After about 1.7 km (just under a mile) you find the seminar centre to your right.

Travel by plain:
The nearest airports are Bremen, Hannover, Hamburg. Take train to Oldenburg (Oldb), then follow directions above. Alternative: Taxi/Shuttle from airport Bremen.