Festival 2016

Festival 2016

Programm & Orga

Schedule & Practicals

Der Platz

The Place

JULY 30 – AUGUST 8 2015  Hof Oberlethe, Germany


Festival 2016

Festival 2016

Programm & Orga

Schedule & Practicals

Der Platz

The Place



The internalization of our spiritual practice and the embodiment of a higher level of consciousness is not expressed in the experimental bubble of retreat centers, but in challenging situations, in the market place, when deployed in areas of crisis, and in the confrontation with poverty, illness and conflicts.” Thomas Hübl

richtiges Postkartenphoto_20140726_clf_154-157-Pano-2… courage – love  – clarity  – presence – beauty – availability – passion – innovation – creativity – care  – grace …

In our everyday life, we are continuously confronted with new challenges within ourselves and in our intimate relationships, families and teams. On a daily basis we are confronted with urgent global issues brought to us by a world racked by crises.

How can we deal with all of this complexity in a present, connected and creative way? Instead of blanking out parts of our experience, how can we remain in relationship? How can we maintain our spiritual competence and re-stabilize ourselves when certainties and assumptions are shaken? How can we become a vital cultural impulse? These are enormous tasks … How can we succeed?

Born as an impulse in the spiritual practice and nourished by the essential longing to serve, the Celebrate Life Festival is a non-profit event beyond religious denomination.

TheCelebrate Life Festival 2016 emphasizes competences that can arise from our spiritual practice and which help us remain present, creative and able to act in times of great individual and global challenge. In three distinct Modules, the Festival provides unique opportunities to directly experience how personal issues, cultural evolution and timeless mysticism are intertwined.

You are welcome to enjoy beautiful surroundings with all your energy, questions and ideas!

We look forward to see you!


Module 1: Developing Spiritual Competences
July 29 to July 31, 2016, (Arrival beginning July 28)

The first module will deal with which spiritual practices can help us develop which abilities, in order to strengthen our spiritual competence. We will experience what concrete action we can take, how mystical principles are reflected in our specific experiences and what insights we can gain from that.

Module 2: Base, Consciousness and Intimate Relationships
August 1 to August 3, 2016

This module focuses on intimate partnership. What are the prerequisites for a connected dedication toward life and love? How can we combine the love of our heart with our sexual energy? How do we find joy and vitality through intimate relationship and keep the fire of passion burning? How do we deal constructively and respectfully with fears and feelings of dependency that arise, so that connectedness and trust are nourished, in crises too? In three workshops that build upon each other, Thomas Hübl invites you to intensely explore and experience how fulfilling partnerships can succeed beyond all known relationship concepts.

Module 3: Resilience, Creativity and Cultural Evolution
August 4 to August 7, 2016

In the third module, we will explore how the world is represented within us. We look at how we deal with global cultural challenges and experience what is required from each of us and in the way we relate to each other, also in times of crisis, in order to retain the ability to act, remain creative, weave global nets and have a future.

All modules can be booked individually (by 10 am on Day One of the Module) or purchased as a full package.

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With all donations, that are generated during the Celebrate Life Festival 2016,  we will support SyrienHilfe.V. and ReDI SCHOOL OF DIGITAL INTEGRATION. The goal is to achieve as high a donated amount as possible. It is possible to donate from now until August 31, 2016!

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Video & Interview

Interview with Thomas Hübl, initiator and host of the Celebrate Life Festival:


What are the main topics at the Celebrate Life Festival 2016?

Thomas Hübl: The Celebrate Life Festival 2016 will focus on what competences our spiritual practice can give us, so that we can remain present, connected and creative, at both the personal and interpersonal levels, as well as in the cultural relationship space, also in challenging situations and during times of crisis.

The festival is divided into three thematic modules …

Full interview

Supporting the Future … Now!

Inner development and contribution to the world

With all donations, that are generated during the Celebrate Life Festival 2016,  we will support SyrienHilfe.V. and ReDI SCHOOL OF DIGITAL INTEGRATION. The goal is to achieve as high a donated amount as possible. It is possible to donate from now until August 31, 2016!

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Current status of donation 10.08.2016: 31.103 €

Speakers & Artists


Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl is a contemporary spiritual teacher whose qualities of uncompromising clarity, open presence and generosity …

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Margret Rasfeld

An innovator in education, school principal at the Protestant School Berlin, and founder of the Schools in Transformation …

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Team Anne Huhn, Susanne Ahlendorf

Anne Huhn, graduate psychologist and psychological psychotherapist, trained in various humanistic …

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Willi Kiechle

Willi Kiechle is a certified social educationalist (FH), specializing in adult education. He has been accompanying …

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Heidi Wohlhüter & Jürgen Wölfl

Jürgen Wölfl is a psychologist and trained psychodrama therapist. After many years …

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Ferdi van Heerden

Ferdi van Heerden

Ferdi van Heerden is bush baby turned business designer with a passion for delivering social impact …

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Foto Biodanza_MD

Antje Koolen-Polzin & Helge Polzin

For 25 years Antje has been loving and living Biodanza and for 10 years she has done so together …

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Martin Herzberg_JZ

Martin Herzberg

Martin makes moving piano music to dream with, reflect on and let you drift away. He was influenced …

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Ed Prosek & Band

Californian singer-songwriter Ed Prosek is an artist of striking talent. His intimate vocals and songs of honesty, introspection …

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Gordon Neufeld_skype

Gordon Neufeld

Dr. Gordon Neufeld is a Canadian developmental psychologist with over 40 years of experience with children …

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Bart Weetjens

Bart initiated the idea to train rats as an appropriate technology to detect landmines and to screen for tuberculosis. With his years …

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Team: Gaby Stalter, Kirsten Timmer, Anjet Sekkat und Teresa Heidegger. As the “Platform for Transformational Parenting,” the Transparents are embedding the main …

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Gary Joplin

For Gary Joplin, – professional choreographer, dancer and stage director, as well as instructor for dance, yoga, and …

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22032016 ruchi -qi gong photo-dk

Ruchi Birgitt Repke

Ruchi Birgitt Repke is a non-medical practitioner and body therapist. She has been practicing and teaching …

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Komala de Amorim

Komala de Amorim is a group leader and trainer, a Somatic Experiencing and Craniosacral Biodynamic therapist, and an …

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Teresa und Andreas DJ groß

Teresa Heidegger & Andreas Duda

Teresa Heidegger is in the Transparents team and co-founder of the Permalab Project in Portugal …

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Clownin Frieda

Katrin Friedrich has been working as Frieda the Clown since 2006, comforting and bringing joy to sick children …

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Kosha und Robin

The Presenters

Kosha Anja Joubert was born and raised in South-Africa. Experiencing the system of Apartheid made her decide to devote herself …

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William Ury

William Ury, cofounder of Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation, is the coauthor of Getting to Yes (whose) …

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Foto Markus Hirzig

Markus Hirzig

Since many years Markus Hirzig is working with people as an Osteopath, trainer and coach. From the beginning until now …

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24032016 Photo Yoga susanne_daniel DK -2

Susanne &

Daniel Brinitzer: Studies martial arts since the age of 5. Physical therapist, Yoga teacher BDY/EYU in the tradition …

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Hilorie Baer & Nicholas Janni

Nicholas Janni has gained an international reputation over the last twelve years …

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Barbara Droubay_JZ

Barbara Droubay

Barbara Droubay teaches and works with artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs towards reaching their creative aims …

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Bettina Rollow, Martin Bruders and Thomas Strauss

Bettina Rollow, Martin Bruders and Thomas Strauss have, as a team, placed their main focus on the topic of jointly exploring subtle …

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Mondo Exotica_MD

Dj Duo Mondo Exotica

For over 15 years, the two friends have been making colorful, spontaneous music from a multicolored …

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Concert Canceled Delta Q

Delta Q 2 was founded in Berlin in 2012. Since then the four likable guys have sung themselves into the heart of Europe …

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Ken Wilber

Born in 1949 in Oklahoma City, Ken Wilber lived in many places during his school years, due to his father being in the Air Force …

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Team Transparent Communication

Since 1998, Susanne Maria Ahlendorf has been giving seminars and workshops on personality and …

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AIS & Sharing the Presence

During this hour Martin Bruders talks with Thomas Hübl about the most recent developments and moving innovations …

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Doreen Tönjes

Movement is Doreen’s life elixir. Dance is its fulfillment. An inspired Nia and Soul Motion™ teacher, she was for many years …

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Hilorie Baer & Heike Wegener

Heike Wegener is a healer, trauma-therapist and osteopath, a dancer, listener …

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Vivian Kolbe

It began with VIV la FRANCE at the 2012 Festival. Francois and Vivian both had the impulse to put on some …

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Graziella Schazad

Everyone, who sees Graziella live, is delighted by her skills and her charisma anyway. Her handmade, organic pop music …

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Damascus String Quintet

Damascus String Quintet

Damascus String Quintet (DSQ) is a Syrian string quintet and their members are from SEPO …

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The Celebrate Life Festival 2016 program is diverse and varied. You can get informed and try out different things, participate fully and experience yourself as a part of a living, creative community.

Whether you come alone, as a couple or a family – you will quickly be right in the middle of the action. You can learn from great and inspiring teachers and enter into lively exchanges with many different people.

The program gives you opportunities to develop entirely new perspectives and experience expanded horizons. You are invited to release your individual shadow, transform limiting patterns, and become an active part of a new “Culture of We.”

The multifaceted program includes various offerings of meditation, individual process work, lectures, workshops, theme-oriented tents and working groups, as well as interesting artistic performances and dance evenings.

Begin your day with an extensive Yoga or Qi Gong session, participate in the seminar events and buddy groups, join in the 9-day around-the-clock meditation in the “cave,” or relax and chill at the lake. The Festival Café at the lake offers you fine organic coffee, non-alcoholic refreshments, tasty cakes and ice cream.

You will find the daily schedule here.

WE Labs

– an update of the Buddy Groups


A group with a maximum of 8 Festival participants, who at the beginning of the Festival or a module come together to share what has happened during the day, what moves you, what needs to be processed, what you wish to get feedback about or what needs to be said. The WE Lab is a place where you can move along at your own speed with what wants to be deepened or developed in you.

The WE Lab is a generator for a new We for the entire Festival. In addition to personal issues, it is about synchronizing yourself in the group, creating a common energy field in which something new can arise, a new energy level can be experienced and felt, and from which new impulses can flow back to the Festival.

The designation “WE Lab” goes beyond a meeting with personal buddies and sees itself as the energetic backbone for the entire Festival field. We are updating the Buddy Groups by giving them a new name, thereby emphasizing the value of these groups, in which both individual development can occur and energy is constantly be created, moved and networked. We see the WE Labs as an elementary basis for the entire “Festival organism.”

When you arrive we will be waiting for you at the check-in. We have prepared tickets for you with the names of all WE Labs. A random selection process determines your WE Lab, with which you develop yourself and build an energy field during the Festival. The assignment of groups is done in the great hall at the beginning of each module.

We look forward to seeing you!

The WE Lab Team Andrea, Claudia, Maren, Michael and Sabine



The assistance team has been an integral part of the festival for many years. If someone requires individual support for their deep personal processes, we are available to support and guide them. All assistants have been engaged with Thomas Hübl’s work for an extensive time. They are also clinically or scientifically trained in psychotherapy or body therapy, or have received intensive education and training in how to support process work at seminars and events. They can be recognized by their yellow name plates.

It is possible that an assistant trainee will be present during individual sessions because those learning to be assistants for future events wish to use the special atmosphere of the CLF for their further training.

Assistants are also available for other issues that arise, such as dealing with couple dynamics or one’s own spiritual practice.

Booking sessions:

For emergencies the assistance group is, of course, available free of charge.

For personal issues that are not directly associated with what is offered during the festival, the price for a session is € 30 (or gladly more!). The assistants will pass on the money that is received from giving sessions as a donation. Booking a session is a direct financial contribution to projects promoted by the Festival.

Body Mind Awakening

Exercises in the Morning with Gary Joplin


The Body-Mind Awakening Training by Gary Joplin is a opportunity to deepen the body-mind connection, a daily invitation to ground and then open the body physically and energetically. Flowing, harmonious movement sequences supported by conscious breathing patterns are combined in a playful, organic way, allowing the body to simultaneously become more deeply grounded and to expand. This work is based primarily on the principles of Gyrokinesis®, and also integrates wisdom from yoga, Feldenkreis, and various dance forms. It is a great preparation for the morning meditation. Body-Mind Awakening not only fine-tunes the body, but also brings a heightened awareness to the subtle energy body by focusing and quieting the mind. Participants will leave the class feeling more grounded and alive, with a new-found lightness and sense of bodily expansion.

Integral Hatha Yoga 

in the mornings with Susanne & Daniel

Body immersion, (self)experience, connection…

What happens when traditional Yoga meets western knowledge? A synthesis of deeper functional anatomical understanding and practical experience of the body. Create new exterior and interior space. Experience yourself more clearly and precisely connected to your body! Always with the support and adjustment to your individual needs.

So you can be more effectively supported, Daniel and Susanne teach as a team.

Qi Gong

with Ruchi Birgitt Repke


Qi Gong is a Chinese form of meditation, concentration and movement for cultivating body and mind.

We can anchor, center and strengthen our energy field with the flowing, expansive movements of Qi Gong. Being mindful of our breathing, symmetry and body awareness strengthens our body consciousness and can also reduce tension.

Doing Qi Gong before meditating can support your meditation practice.


The Cave

24-Hour Meditation


Shared meditation is an essential part of the Celebrate Life Festival. As in previous years, you will have the opportunity to meditate around the clock in the glass pavilion at the Zen Pond. The Cave is a collective spiritual practice available 24 hours a day for 9 days. The place at the pond has been consciously designed to be harmonious and is open day and night. This sacred space is cared for by the Cave Team.

Our intention is for people to intuitively come together to meditate in “The Cave” so that at least one person is always holding the space – also during the night.

A continuous field of mindfulness gives rise to a powerful shared-space of peace, silence and inner reflection. As the active mind withdraws, transpersonal insights deepen allowing us to embrace more and more of reality within an alert inner space.

All participants and the entire Festival team are invited to hold this collective meditative space.

Transparent Communication according to Thomas Hübl® & Spiritual Competence During Crises

Team: Susanne Ahlendorf, Markus Hirzig, Axel Perinchery, Vivian Kolbe


Depending on the depth of perception, Transparent Communication according to Thomas Hübl® is first of all a method of communication and can in time become a life path and an attitude toward life and awakening.

In the workshops we will deepen the principles of Transparent Communication, and its use in relation to spiritual competence during crises will be developed practically.

By relating in an ever deeper way, Transparent Communication brings about a great transformative power. By refining and expanding our perception in our physical body, our inner emotional world and our thinking, a much more complex, holistic contact is established. We can substantially expand our listening competence and experience deeply the movement of the information from an unformed to a formed expression. Unintegrated parts are made conscious and can be contacted through this kind of perception.

The theme of this year’s festival is “Spiritual Competence in Crisis.” In our view, this is an important and appropriate motto in this day and age, in which it is becoming increasingly important to practice spirituality not only in churches, temples and on meditation cushions, but making it visible in our everyday lives. With the workshops on Transparent Communication in this pavilion we want to contribute to this and together immerse ourselves in it.

Café at the Lake


“We’re back again”: Kila and the team of cooklets.de invite you to come by, enjoy and have a great time at the Café at the Lake. In the morning we open briefly for a breakfast cappuccino and then – from noon on – we are open until late. As in past years, everything we offer is made exclusively of organic products.

Relax and spoil yourself by enjoying full-bodied organic coffee with all varieties of milk, tea, hot chocolate, cereal coffee, and chai. We also offer delicious organic cake, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, organic smoothies, refreshing drinks, exquisite ice cream and much more.



Again this year, TransParents has the overall coordination of the support for children and youths.

TransParents integrate the main focus of the Festival into interactions between parents and children as part of the “Platform for Transformational Parenting.” They are providing a framework within which the principles of healing and transformation can be experienced in contact with our children.

A variety of offerings are available for children and youths. As in previous years, a tent will be available for children’s play and provide a space for parenting the smallest children (0 to 3 years of age). JULE (the offer for youths) will continue to be provided in close cooperation with reliable team leaders. All these offerings will be accompanied by competent and experienced people, who focus on authentic contact and the well-being of the children and youths

The coordination team also offers individual sessions, especially for parents. This provides a wonderful opportunity to develop new perspectives for recurring conflicts, questions and uncertainties.

This support includes joint meetings with parents, where contact with the child will be reflected, explored and deepened. Corresponding workshops will be held during three afternoons. Concrete inspiration will be given regarding how parenthood can be embedded in a spiritual path. The team is excited about mysticism that is practiced in the “market place” of family life. Parents and children will build bridges for this to happen.

The team consists of Anjet Sekkat, Gaby Stalter, Kirsten Timmer and Teresa Heidegger. For many years, Anjet, Gaby and Kirsten have been a part of the assistance team and have been closely involved with Thomas’ work. This year, Teresa, who as a trainer for non-violent communication is anchored in the spiritual practice of parenthood, is enriching the team. Their professional backgrounds of the team members, as midwife/coach, psychotherapist, gynecologist and certified pedagogue, together with their spiritual exploratory urge, constitute the foundation for their work with parents and children (for further information, see www.Transparents.net).  



This year, we have a few surprises for you! The youth and kids camp (JUKI) will be the camp for the younger (including kids 12/13 years of age). Those older are welcome among the “young people“ (JULE). But of course, you can decide for yourself how old you feel and in which camp or program you want to participate.

With us, you can look forward to music, arts and movement.

Everyone interested, and of course all parents, are invited to experience the festival with us. We are excited to discover where the JUKI-camp-journey will lead us this year. One thing is for sure – we are going to have a lot of fun. We are looking forward to you!

Care schedule: 10.30 am – 1.30 pm und 3.30 – 5.45 pm

Important: Bring a “Parents’ Letter”!!!



Again this year the JuLe- (junge Leute – German for “young people”) Camp invites you to spend an intense and authentic time together.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking
we used when we created them.”
Albert Einstein

In line with the main program, we will also this year deal with current events in the world and the challenge of facing them with an open heart. Together, with you, we wish to develop a project that focuses on the refugee situation in Germany. We hope by the end of the festival we can present this project to the entire Festival community and then implement it later, when the Festival is over.

Participants can look forward to authentic and honest exchanges simply by being together, exploring together and of course making music, movement, art and many other things. Everyone is warmly invited to experience the Festival with us. We are already looking forward to the surprises, breakthroughs and experiences in store for us this year – and especially spending time with you!

The majority of youth participants speak English and German. If you or your friends are English-speaking and do not speak German, the youths themselves will provide translation this year, too. We look forward to seeing you.

Come on by, if you feel this is for you! It will be great!

You can apply for a scholarship (financial support) under www.youngvision.info from May 15th until June 15th, 2016.

You can find more information about our work at www.youngvision.info

Important: Bring a “Parents’ Letter”!!!

You can download the JULE-program here.

Childcare for Children Aged 3 to 7

_MG_9478 Daily from 10 am to 1.30 pm and from 6 pm to 7.15 pm – free of charge!

More Informationen here: welcome@transparents.net

KinderbetreuungThe Childcare Team cares for the Festival’s youngest guests in a loving and respectful way. The children’s area is an important part of the Festival. Here, the children can feel safe and welcome. The specially prepared environment provides many stimulating toys and materials where the children can play, follow their own initiative and immerse themselves in games and activities of their choice.

The team observes the children in their activities and accompanies them, whether laughter or crying, in joy or pleasure, boredom or frustration. A clear framework with simple rules and clear boundaries allows everyone to feel safe. This structure provides space for the children to make free choices and act independently.

We invite all parents to come to the children’s tent for one hour, two to three times during the Festival. This gives you a chance to offer undivided attention and full presence to your children. This time is precious, when I, as a father or mother, simply sit in the background and observe myself, my child and its entire environment.

We strongly urge you to bring and fetch your child on time. The parents are invited to stay with the children until they have arrived safely and feel at home.

Important: Bring a “Parents’ Letter”!!!

If your child(ren) wish to participate in the childcare program, the youth camp or the JULE Camp, we need a signed “Parents’ Letter” from you as their parents. This letter must be brought to the childcare area!!! The letter can be downloaded here.

Discovery Space

for parents/adults with their children between 0 and 3 years

The discovery space offers us parents together with our children an continuous opportunity for mindful presence, mutual inspirations, new discoveries and encounters.

We create there alltogether a mindful space, where children and adults are invited for common discovering, exploration, playing and deep relaxing.

There is the possibility for an open and mindful communication between us as parents concerning all aspects of parenting.

There will also be daily times of undivided attention and presence for our children. During these times we as adults stay in the backround and sense deeper ourselves, the children and the whole surrounding. The children are invited to explore free in a prepared sourrounding and discover themselves.

Guided Discovery Space daily between 4 pm and 5.30 pm. One hour undivided attention with the children with subsequent reflexion with the team of transparents. Introduction always 3.45 pm.

With all donations, that are generated during the Celebrate Life Festival 2016,  we will support SyrienHilfe.V. and ReDI SCHOOL OF DIGITAL INTEGRATION. The goal is to achieve as high a donated amount as possible. It is possible to donate from now until August 31, 2016!

Click and donate!