You can download the program here.

Registration Day

Thursday, 30st July

  • 6 pm – 7.15 pm

    Main Hall:  Opening Celebration & Toning Mediation
  • 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm


Module 1 – Individual Healing (1 from, 3)

Friday, 31st July

Module 1 – Individual Healing (2 from 3)

Saturday, 1st August

Module 1 – Individual Healing (3 from 3)

Sunday, 2nd August

Module 2 – Collective Healing (1 from 2)

Monday, 3rd August

Modul 2 – Collective Healing (2 from 2)

Tuesday, 4th August

Modul 3 – Future (1 from 3)

Wednesday, 5th August

Module 3 – Future (2 from 3)

Thursday, 6th August

Module 3 – Future (3 from 3)

Friday, 7th August


Saturday, 8th August

Tickets & Prices


Tickets can only be purchased for the whole festival period or the individual modules.

For on-site participation, every participant in the Celebrate Life Festival 2015 in Hof Oberlethe must have:

A festival ticket

  • for all participants over the age of 18: tickets available in the ticket shop 
  • for all children and youths (0 – 17 years): tickets free of charge available in the Festival registration

a registration at Hof Oberlethe (click here)

  • for accommodation and board 
  • the festival package (board only) 

This year the prices for Festival tickets are staggered:
If you register before June 15, 2015 you will receive your tickets at the regular price. From June 15, 2015 you will receive your tickets with a surcharge of 10%. The surcharge covers the additional costs in the area of Festival logistics that arise when many Festival participants register shortly before the Festival begins.


All evening events are open to the public. Tickets are available at the box office for 5,00 € at the same day. The price is only payable in cash.

Ticket shop for adults

The ticket shop is provided to us by Ticketscript, which is supporting the Festival with favorable conditions for the processing fees (service fee € 1.50 per ticket and fees for payment options such as PayPal, etc. 3.5 % of the purchase price). The processing fee for the payable festival tickets is paid by the buyer. Sharing the Presence e.V. covers the fees for the free registration of children and youths.

Tickets are available for purchase up till 9.30 am of the beginning day of the module.

Please note that all Festival tickets are issued personally in the name of the respective participant and cannot be transferred to a third party.

Festival registration for children and youths from 0 to 17 years of age

Here you can register your children or youths, or they can register themselves, under their own name, free of charge, for the Festival as well as for child care (3-7 years old), the JUKI (8-12 years old) or JULES (13 years and older).

In order to be able to plan the capacities, we ask that you register your children and youths by June 15, 2015.

Important: If your child(ren) is (are) below the age of 18 and would like to participate in the youth camp or the JULE Camp, we need a letter of authorization signed by you as their parent, which can be downloaded here.

Please note: All Festival registrations are issued to you and your child or youth personally and cannot be transferred to a third party.



*Due to organisational reasons you are requested to arrive in the time mentioned above.

… and don’t forget to register at Hof Oberlethe

Livestream & Media Library



Those who cannot be with us in person in Oberlethe are very welcome to take part via Livestream.

You will be able to follow the speakers on the stage in the videomain hall via the website and participate in the Tonings. This also applies wherever you see the Livestream symbol Live in the time table. 
You can either follow in German or English.

Media-Center: Video-on-Demand

If you can’t follow the streaming live and in real time, you can also watch the events on stage, at other times, via Video-on-demand in our Media-Center.Mediathek
Of course in this case you will not have the option of participating. It will also be possible to download the videos for offline viewing. The videos are available for viewing and download until July 30th, 2016.


For more Information (not for registration):
Monica Dominguez
T: +49 4407 3148913



On the Festival grounds you will find a very good infrastructure that provides for smooth functioning during meals and20140728_clf_354 sufficient sanitary facilities. The hot meals – especially lunch – are made with organic ingredients (regional produce whenever possible). In principle it is possible to bring your own food; however, the daily rate of € 39 per person for Hof Oberlethe for food (3 meals) and the use of the entire festival grounds must still be paid, since it is not possible for us to make special arrangements for exceptions.

Cups: This year we ask everyone to please bring a cup of your own – the more colorful the better – so that we can actively support the kitchen crew of Hof Oberlethe. Adhesive tape and pens are provided and if necessary, you can buy a cup for € 1 from Hof Oberlethe.

MP3 players, iPods and mobile phones for the translation: All events are held in German or English and are translated simultaneously into the other language respectively.

Please bring an FM radio receiver earphone-316753_1280with headphones so that you can listen to the translation (this is integrated in most MP3 players, iPods and mobile phones – but not in iPhones!). We recommend high quality devices.

Please bear in mind to bring a sufficient number of batteries. (Charging is difficult!)

Personal comfort: If you have special wishes regarding comfort (meditation bench or pillow, additional blankets, hot water bottles, etc.), bring what you need.

It makes sense to bring flip-flops, sturdy shoes, rain gear and a flashlight.

Parent letter for child care: download here

Registering for child care: Child care if offered daily for children aged 3 or more (ready for kindergarten) in the morning from 10 am to 1.30 pm and in the afternoon from 6 pm to 7 pm, and it is free of charge. Donations are appreciated and will be passed on to aid projects in their entirety.

Important: For us to be able to estimate how large the group will be, we ask you to register by June 15. If you register later, a place cannot be guaranteed.

Information: Jacoba Willeboordse, M: +49 031 6 13894731, E:

Babies: An open space in a barn directly next to the great hall has been set up for parents with small children, who cannot be or stay at the events. An audio feed ensures that the events can be listened to there. There, the children can lie in the shade or play.

Youths: There is a youth camp during the entire Festival and it has two tents of its own. Numerous activities are offered for youths from the ages of approximately 8 to 13, as well as a very active youth group for all 14- to 20-year olds (the exact categorization will take place on location together with the persons in charge).