JULY 30 – AUGUST 8 2015  Hof Oberlethe, Germany

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Festival 2015

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Schedule & Practicals

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JULY 30 – AUGUST 8 2015  Hof Oberlethe, Germany

tea-time History


join us clf2014-63Festival 2015

Festival 2015

Buttom_3Schedule & Organisation

Schedule & Practicals

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The Place


Healing the Past Becoming a new Future


Are you open to fresh impulses, exciting encounters and inspiring exchanges, to healing experiences and new dimensions? Then join us at the Celebrate Life Festival 2015!

speaker The Celebrate Life Festival is a unique non-profit event. An event beyond religious denomination, born as an impulse in the spiritual practice, nourished by the essential longing for giving back.

The festival in 2015 is devoted to the topic healing & transformation. The setting of the festival, which is divided into three modules, accompanies you on your individual journey of healing, making it possible to experience the mystical principles of healing. It also poses the question how healing can become a cultural activity.

Bring your energy, ideas and questions to an event full of inspiring impulses and touching moments in beautiful surroundings. Experience yourself as a part of a new “culture of We” that combines your personal journey of healing with timeless mysticism and global issues in a unique way. We look forward to seeing you!



Module 1: Individual Healing and Mystical Principles

The first module deals with individual healing. You can familiarize yourself with the mystical principles and experience practically what meaning they have for your personal issues in life.

Modul 2: Collective Healing and Intersubjective Responsibility

In this module we are dealing with how we can release collective shadow issues from our way of relating if we connect with higher consciousness and use our joint intelligence. We experience what WE-spaces are needed to increase these competencies through us.

Modul 3: Becoming a New Future

Module 3 will begin on Wednesday, August 5, with an intensive day of practicing downloading the future. Throughout Wednesday exercises in presence will be offered, from walking meditation and exercises in silence to Transparent Communication®. During the following two and a half days we will open up to experiencing what freedom and how much inspiration is generated by listening to the future. We experience how the past can be released by the transformative power of what is potentially new.

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Video & Interview

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_MG_9242Thomas, the Celebrate Life Festival 2015 is devoted to the topic of healing, both on the individual level and as a collective issue, in terms of a healing culture. What inspired you to choose this topic?

Thomas Hübl: Healing, trauma work and the integration of our unredeemed aspects are my passion. If one deals extensively with mysticism, one realizes that in all great wisdom traditions there is a common core of timeless wisdom that regards life – the individual, the culture, the Universe – as not being isolated from each other, but as a whole. In this sense healing is the restoration of the original movement, intelligence and expression of life. This is true both for the individual and for the relation between everything and everything and the intersubjective relationship space. Integration is therefore both an individual and a collective issue.

Full interview

Speakers & Artists


Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl is a contemporary spiritual teacher whose qualities of uncompromising clarity, open presence and generosity …

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Dr. Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields …

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Gary Joplin

For Gary Joplin the body is a primary instrument in the process of human development and transformation …

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Anne Huhn

Trained in various humanistic therapy approaches she supports people in crisis and mental stress situations for over 20 years …

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Team Transparent Communication

For many years Susanne Ahlendorf, Markus Hirzig and Axel Perinchery have been involved with Thomas Hübl’s work and …

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Team Transparent Communication

Naturopath, training in TCM, homeopathy, osteopathy, physioenergetics, different methods of human psychotherapy …

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DJ Shanti

Shanti loves it when the dancer disappears and only the dance exists. When he succeeds …

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simon_tami__c_andrew_young_10 (1)-1

Tami Simon

Tami Simon is Publisher, CEO, and Founder of Sounds True. In 1985, at the age of 22, Tami Simon founded Sounds True, a…

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Dr. Deepak Chopra

In preparation for the festival, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Thomas Hübl had an intense conversation about healing, transformation …

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Nicholas Janni

Over the last twelve years Nicholas has gained an international reputation for his transformational coaching and leadership …

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Heike Wegener

Heike Wegener

Heike lives in the Schloss Glarisegg Community at the Lake of Constance in Switzerland. As an Osteopath, a trauma-therapist …

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Mysticism and Healing Group

The team of the research group Mysticism & Healing consists of Susanne Ahlendorf, Anne Huhn, Elke Pfister, Heidi Wohlhüter …

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Brigitte Graf

As a DJ, Brigitte Graf was part of Zurich’s techno subculture during the late 90ies. Nowadays, she co-creates the dancing nights …

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Tom Thaler Foto

Tom Thaler & Basil

Opposites attract, as the saying goes. The best example of this is Tom Thaler & Basil. In the MC-producer team from Mannheim, rap meets deep …

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Ken Wilber

Born in 1949 in Oklahoma City, Ken Wilber lived in many places during his school years, due to his father being in the Air Force …

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Foto Markus Hirzig

Markus Hirzig

Markus Hirzig has been working with people for more than 30 years, over the last 20 in osteopathy and as a trainer and coach …

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Sabine Zweig & Philippe Beaufour

Sabine Zweig & Philippe Beaufour from Europe & India, licensed Soul MotionTM Teachers,  international Nia Training Faculty …

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TransParents, The “Platform for Transformation Parenting,” will embed the main focus of the Festival in the togetherness …

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AIS & Sharing the Presence

During this hour Martin Bruders talks with Thomas Hübl about the most recent developments and moving innovations …

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Robert Gwisdek

Robert Gwisdek, who was born in 1984, comes from Berlin. He is a sought-after, multiple award-winning actor, author and …

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Marcel Brell

He’s back! Marcel Brell has held more than 200 concerts since 2013 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He could …

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Dr. R. A. Masters

Robert Augustus Masters, PhD, is a relationship expert, integral psychotherapist, and psychospiritual guide and trainer …

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Barbara Pfundt

Barbara Pfundt studied physical education and education. Since 1992 she has been on her journey of dancing contact and …

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Hilorie Baer & Susanne Ahlendorf

Hilorie Baer and Susanne Ahlendorf have been studying Mystical principles intensively with Thomas Hübl …

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Miriam Popper

Miriam Popper is a psychologist, psychotherapist and yoga instructor. She studied also comparative sciences of religion …

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Team Foto

Mysticism and Business Group

New paths of healing through transformational fields with Klaus-Uwe Seelmann, Roland Remus, Sylvia Seelmann and Markus Hirzig …

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Dorrey Lyles

On June 1970, unto Charles & Lynnette Lyles, a daughter was given. Her name foretold her life of music …


Kosha und Robin

The Presenters

Kosha Anja Joubert was born and raised in South-Africa. Experiencing the system of Apartheid made her decide to devote herself …

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The Celebrate Life Festival 2015 program is diverse and varied. You can get informed and try out different things, participate fully and experience yourself as a part of a living, creative community.

No matter if you came alone or as a couple or a family – you will quickly be right in the middle of it. You can learn from great and inspiring teachers and enter into a lively exchange with many different people.Buttom_donate

The program gives you the opportunity to develop entirely new perspectives and experience expanded dimensions. You are invited to release your individual shadow, transform limiting patterns and become an active part of a new “Culture of We.”

The program includes various offers of meditation and individual process work, lectures, workshops, themed tents and working groups, as well as interesting artistic performances and dance evenings. Begin your day with an extensive yoga session, participate in the seminar events and buddy groups, participate in the 9-day around-the-clock meditation in the “cave,” relax and chill at the lake, and much more … The Festival Café at the lake offers you fine organic coffee, non-alcoholic refreshments, tasty cakes and ice cream.

You will find the daily schedule here.


20140726_clf_086 This year, too, we are offering the bright idea of buddy groups.

Practice group leaders who can support you in your groups will be present again. However, the groups will continue to be self-organized and will not be facilitated. This means that it is up to each and every individual to help design them in terms of content.

When you arrive and register, you will be assigned to a group with eight other participants by drawing a name card. They will your buddies for the duration of the Festival and you will meet with them at specified times in a place that you together determine in advance.

The buddy groups make it possible for you on one hand to find new contacts, especially if you have come alone. On the other hand, they are intended to provide a reliable communication space where you can exchange and integrate the various pieces of information you have collected and the experiences you have gained in the seminars and workshops. We look forward to seeing you!


_MG_9460 The Assistance Team is available if someone requires individual support for their deep personal processes. The team has been an integral part of the Festival for many years and can be recognized by their yellow name tags. All assistants have a sound clinical or scientific education in the field of psychotherapy or body therapy. They have been familiar with Thomas Hübl’s work for a long time and they have undergone intensive training for their accompanying process work during seminars and events.

Within the framework of the training of assistants, it is possible that a guest trainee will be present when individual sessions are held.

In addition, the assistants are available for other issues that relate to general developments, i.e. for clarifying couple dynamics or regarding spiritual practices. During the Festival the Assistance Team will meet daily for the purpose of added quality control and to provide space for exchanges, reflections and possibly also to provide supervision.

Giving back & booking sessions

The Assistance Team is available in emergencies, needless to say, free of charge. Booking a session for personal issues that are not directly connected to the offers at the Festival costs € 30 (more would be fine, too!). The money that is collected by providing sessions is passed on by the Assistance Team as a “giving back”- contribution. This means that when a session is booked, the projects that are sponsored by the Festival are also supported automatically.

Body Mind Awakening

Exercises in the Morning with Gary Joplin

Body Mind Awakening The Body-Mind Awakening Training from Gary Joplin is an opportunity to deepen the body-mind connection, a daily invitation to ground and then open the body physically and energetically. Flowing, harmonious movement sequences supported by conscious breathing patterns are combined in a playful, organic way, allowing the body to simultaneously become more deeply grounded and to expand. This work is based primarily on the principles of Gyrokinesis®, but also utilizes wisdom from yoga, Feldenkrais, and various dance forms. It is a great preparation for the morning meditation, as it not only fine-tunes the body, but also brings a heightened awareness to the subtle energy body while focusing and quieting the mind. Participants will leave the class feeling more grounded and alive with a new-found lightness and sense of bodily expansion.


Integral Yoga in the morning with Miriam Popper

20140725_clf_019 We will connect through movement and stillness, breath and conscience with that in us what needs healing.

We will dive to our physical, emotional and mental level with the help of “Asanas” (body postures) and create individually and as a group the space, where “Shadow” feelings can be transformed.

The Cave

24-Hour Meditation

DSC_1095_Cave Shared meditation is an essential part of the Celebrate Life Festival. This year, too, as an additional offer you have the opportunity to meditate around the clock in the glass pavilion at the Zen Pond: The Cave – a spiritual practice available 24 hours a day for 9 days. The place at the pond, which has been consciously designed to be harmonious, is open day and night and is cared for by the Cave Team.

The goal is for people to intuitively come together to meditate in “The Cave” and that at least one person is always holding the space – also in the night.

At the same time the force field of the community impacts back on those who meditate. The resonating field makes it possible to go deeper into the practice, deepen transpersonal insights and open up beyond the habitual ceiling of your room.

All participants and the entire Festival team are invited to hold this meditative space.

Transparent Communication according to Thomas Hübl® & Healing

Team: Susanne Ahlendorf, Markus Hirzig, Axel Perinchery

_MG_9292_TKDepending on one’s depth of perception, Transparent Communication according to Thomas Hübl® is a method of communication, and with time it can become an attitude toward life and toward awakening. In our workshops we will deepen the principles of Transparent Communication and develop their use for practical healing purposes. By relating at an increasingly deep level, Transparent Communication results in a great power of transformation.

The refinement and expansion of our perception in our physical bodies, our emotional inner world and our thinking, gives rise to a much more complex holistic contact. We can expand our listening competence considerably and experience the movement of information from the formless to the formed expression in a deeper way. This kind of perception can make un-integrated parts conscious and they can be contacted.

In our workshops we will deepen the component of listening and the ability to perceive subtle energies, and look more deeply at the effects and resonances in the inter-subjective and collective healing space.

Café at the Lake

20140726_clf_092 “We’re back again”: Kila and the team of cooklets.de invite you to come by, enjoy and have a great time. In the morning we are open briefly for a breakfast cappuccino and then – from noon on – we are open until late. As was the case during past years, everything we offer is made exclusively of organic products.

Relax and spoil yourself enjoying full-bodied organic coffe with all varieties of milk, enjoy tea, hot chocolate, cereal coffee, chai, organic cake, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, organic smoothies, refreshing drinks, exquisite ice cream and much more.


Gruppenbild Kirsten+ Anjet+ Gaby

This year TransParents will be again responsible for the overall coordination of child and youth care.

The “Platform for Transformation Parenting,” will embed the main focus of the Festival in the togetherness of parents and children. We will provide a framework within which the mystical principles can be experienced in the contact with our children.

There are varied offer of care for children and youths. This year we will also provide a tent for play and encounters for the parents of the youngest ones (0-3 years old).

JULE (the offer for young people) will continue to be offered in close cooperation with the proven team. All this will be accompanied by competent and experience people whose focus is on authentic contact and the well-being of the children and youths. As the coordination team, we also offer special individual sessions for the parents. This is a wonderful opportunity to develop new perspectives of recurring conflicts, questions and ambiguities. The offers of child care include joint meetings with the parents, in which we reflect, explore and deepen our contact with the child.

We will offer corresponding workshops during three afternoons. For us, they are the foundation for accompanying your children so that they feel at home with us and are embedded in the spirit of the festival, according to their age. We provide concrete inspiration regarding how parenting can be embedded in a spiritual path. We are excited about mysticism being lived at the “market place” of family life. For this we will build bridges for parents and children. As the coordination team, we have for many years been closely aligned with Thomas Hübls’ work. Our professional backgrounds as psychotherapist, midwife/coach and gynecologist, together with our spiritual curiosity, provide the foundation for our work with parents and children. More information at www.Transparents.net.


KinderThis year, we have a few surprises for you! The youth and kids camp (JUKI) will be the camp for the younger (including kids 12/13 years of age). Those older are welcome among the „young people“ (JULE). But of course, you can decide for yourselves how old you feel and which parts of the program you want to spend in which camp.

With us, you can look forward to music, arts and movement.

Everyone interested, and of course all parents, too, are invited to experience the festival with us. We are excited about where the JUKI-camp-journey will lead us this year. One thing is for sure – we are going to have a lot of fun. We are looking forward to you!

Care schedule: 10.30 am – 1.30 pm und 3.30 – 5.45 pm

No camp on Wednesday, 5th August.


Jugendliche This year, we have a few surprises for you! The youth and kids camp (JUKI) will be the camp for the younger (including kids 12/13 years of age). Those older are welcome among the „young people“ (JULE). But of course, you can decide for yourselves how old you feel and which parts of the program you want to spend in which camp.

With us, you can look forward to music, arts and movement. Everyone interested, and of course all parents, too, are invited to experience the festival with us.

We are excited about where the JUKI-camp-journey will lead us this year. One thing is for sure – we are going to have a lot of fun.

We are looking forward to you!

Child Care for Children Aged 3 to 7

_MG_9478 Daily from 10 am to 1.30 pm and from 6 pm to 7.15 pm – free of charge!

More Informationen here: Jacoba Willeboordse, cellphone: 0031 6 13894731, email: willeboordsej@gmail.com

The Child Care Team takes care of the youngest guests in a loving and respectful way. The children’s area is an important part of the Festival. Here, the children can feel safe and welcome. The specially Kinderbetreuungprepared environment provides many stimulating toys and materials, with which the children can play at their own initiative and can immerse themselves in games and activities of their choice.

The team observes the children in their activities and accompanies them in their laughter and crying, in joy and pleasure, boredom and frustration. There is a clear framework with simple rules and clear boundaries so that everyone can feel safe. This provides space for the children to make free choices and act independently. 

We invite all parents to come to the children’s tent for one hour, two to three times during the Festival, to practice giving their undivided attention and full presence to their children. This time is precious, when I, as a father or Buttom_donatemother, simply sit in the background and observe myself, my child and its entire environment. We strongly urge you to bring and fetch your child on time. The parents are invited to stay with the children until they have arrived safely and feel at home.

Important: Bring a “parents’ letter”!!!

If your child(ren) wish to participate in the child care program, the youth camp or the JULE Camp, we need a signed “parents’ letter” from you as their parents. This letter must be brought to the child care area!!! The letter can be downloaded here.